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About this Website

Hey! My name is Louis, I am 20 years old and I am from Germany.
At the moment I study computer science and programming a lot.
So far I have found most of my pleasure in web development, especially with Node.js, React.js and also Vue.
However, I'm always striving to learn new things, like I'm currently doing with Golang and C++.
Therefore I share on this website what I've learned so far.
In general I have a lot of fun creating content.


How can I use the Cheatsheets?

You can copy and paste the content to use it in your code, share it with your friends, and even take screenshots.
This is not a problem - it would be friendly to mention as source, especially for the screenshots, even if it is not mandatory.

When it comes to how you should use the cheatsheets there are several possibilities.
If you click on the hash on a subtopic like JavaScript - Arrays it will be added to the URL.
Then you can copy the URL, or bookmark it and use the page as a reference.
In the infoboxes you will always find links to documentation or tutorials.

What is planned?

Currently, I am concentrating on the languages and technology that interest me
or that I actively use myself.
Therefore the existing ones are being expanded, and what will come shortly are
cheat sheets for Go, Node.js, CSS, and maybe Vue.
Rust seems to be interesting too, but let's see.

Can I contribute?

Yes! Contributions, suggestions, improvements and other ideas are welcome.
You are welcome to contact me via e-mail

Will there be a blog?

There is a blog already ;)